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What is Kingdom Builders?

Go into all the world...

Kingdom Builders is our way of leading this Great Commission and faithfully spreading the Good News of Jesus to all the ends of the earth.

Kingdom Builders are a group of generous givers who give above and beyond the tithe to a mission's mutual fund of projects that build God's Kingdom.

The Bible tells us that we are blessed to be a blessing. Everything we do today is about building His church around the world. Jesus gave all He had to reach the lost. Kingdom Builders is our way of following His example.

"Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to the whole creation."    Mark 16:15
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“This generation of Christians is responsible for this generation of souls on the earth!”
-Keith Green

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Our emphasis

Partnering together to make a difference.

Global Missions

Everyone, in every nation, deserves a chance to hear the Gospel. Kingdom Builders gives us the opportunity to support key mission projects, such as sending workers, resources, church planting assistance, and pastoral development to the nations. Most importantly, Kingdom Builders ensures that all people have access to the Truth and salvation.

Local Outreach & Church Planting

Kingdom Builders is committed to local growth through planting churches in key areas that will reach communities without a strong gospel message and discipleship culture through joining hands with local partners that are working with the poor, widows and orphans, those ministering to the hurting in our own backyards. We do this to help more people come to personally know a loving relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Future Disciple Makers

Kingdom Builders comes alongside future disciple-makers to guide them through finding their calling in ministry. Gateway School of Ministry is designed to assist those in their calling by training and equipping future leaders to be a part of church plants either locally or abroad missionaries. The growth and health of the Church around the world, to a large extent, depends upon its leaders. Perhaps the single most strategic investment that we make for the Kingdom of God is to invest in future disciple-makers.


Church plant projects



Jungle Missionary Team’s goal as a missionary team is to plant self-governing, self-sustaining, and self-propagating churches in villages, communities and towns that currently have no church.  They do this through the “Project 3” plan where a national pastor commits three years to target a specific community for planting a church. The first year’s focus is evangelism, second year’s is discipleship, and the third year’s is local church leadership formation.  The vision is to plant 100 new church in the next 10 years.  



The workers in India focused church-building efforts on helping new congregations and church plants. They are working with hundreds of new believers who have come out of Hinduism and are now part of new congregations that are forming. Many of these congregations meet in homes and are desperately in need of church facilities. This past year they have built and completed seven churches and currently have three more under construction.  

Project Rescue: Over 4 million people are being held in bondage globally... trapped in the horrors of sexual exploitation. Project Rescue is on a mission to change that. Since Project Rescue was founded in 1997, we’ve been on a mission to rescue and restore victims of sexual exploitation through the love and power of God. Each Project Rescue affiliated site is launched by courageous men and women of God, often starting with street outreach in areas of prostitution. No two partnerships are exactly the same, but all caregivers offer God’s love, liberating truth, and compassionate, holistic care. In each of the areas we serve, leaders and staff work 24/7 with survivors of sexual slavery and trafficking to support them on their journey toward restoration. 



After powerful movements of God and churches planted in Oaxaca City and Huatulco we are ready to plant a new church in Mexico. Pastor David Garcia had a heart to reach those walking in drug addiction and moved his family to the mountains to minister to this community. What started as a small group has gained momentum and we will soon see a new church established in Almacen.



Hope for Uruguay has a goal of establishing 100 new churches and building 100 sanctuaries for new and growing congregations. They have trained many young Uruguayan couples over the years and have planted 35 new churches. Today, all 35 are led by Uruguayan couples and are completely self-supporting and self-propagating.   

Three years ago, Hope for Uruguay launched the construction phase of Hope for Uruguay 100. They saw these new congregations meeting under tents, in homes, garages or rented store fronts.  Their space and days to meet were limited, affecting their potential growth.  God burdened the hearts of the missionaries, and they began to look for ways to partner with the national church to build.  Since then, 23 new churches have been built and dedicated, helping these new congregations have their very first sanctuary.



Missionaries are seeing a powerful move of God amongst the Mayanga Tribe this year as they have built a bridge by planting three churches in the middle of the largest jungle in Central America. Their dream is to build 10 churches in strategic locations in the jungle.



The Gateway Fellowship Church network exists to launch and support GFC Church plants both locally and internationally. Since 2008, GFC has worked to plant 17 churches, and we are believing to see 83 churches planted in the next few years. The network is a resource to find potential locations, train pastors and teams, launch churches and mentor existing churches planted from GFC.  



In 1994, Rwanda experienced historic and horrific genocide in conflict between the Hutus and Tutsis. The cover of Time Magazine on May 16, read “There are no devils left in hell, they are all in Rwanda”. 

Thirty years later, the Assemblies of God has 179 churches in Rwanda.  Hutus and Tutsis worship together.  People worship side-by-side with people who killed their family members.  The stories of forgiveness and healing are remarkable.  

In a Catholic church where ten thousand people trying to find shelter were brutally murdered over the course of two days you can find their clothes piled on the wooden benches and their skulls are in a glass case below the church.  It is a reminder of the power of hate.  The Rwandans set aside a day each year to remember the genocide.  They say, “What we forget, we repeat”.   

Now, in that place of hurt and pain, God’s church is bringing help, hope and healing. 

Gateway Fellowship Church Northwest will be partnering with workers in Rwanda to:  

  • Help a Bible School develop a 4 year degree program for pastors – the first of its kind in the country. In Rwanda, if you don’t have a degree, you can’t be called “Pastor”. If you aren’t an official pastor, you can’t perform weddings, funerals, baptize new believers or serve communion.  This is essential for the growth of the Rwandan church.  

  • Help to build a campground, retreat center, and church planting school.  The land has been purchased, but there are no buildings. This will be a place where church members and church planters are trained and where students can come together. 

  • Plant churches all over the country – in places where the church currently doesn’t exist.    

  • Send teams to teach and train.   

  • Buy each pastor a cow to provide milk for their family and income.



The goal in Cameroon is to put up 100 tabernacles. We know that these are just buildings, but inside people are giving their hearts to Jesus, they are being discipled, and they are being called into ministry.  For $5,000, a congregation can have a permanent place of worship.  The Africa vision is to have a healthy church within walking distance of every African.


other projects


Fire Bible

Fire Bible’s mission is to translate & print Bibles in the top 100 heart languages in the world, so that the Word of God is accessible to lost people. We’re excited to partner again with them in seeing The Bible distributed to these unreached people groups. Nothing is more powerful than being able to read God’s Word in one’s own heart language.

GFC Scholarships: Kids & Youth Summer Camp | Gateway School of Ministry

GFC has many different opportunities to bless individuals within the church. Every year Adventure Kids and Velocity attends summer camp which can be costly for some students. We want to make camp scholarships available for families who would like to send their student to camp but don’t have the means to do so. Also, there’s opportunities for you to help give a scholarship to any future Gateway School of Ministry students. You can contribute to helping a student with tuition for this 16-month school that trains up leaders to be soul winners both Here & There.

Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope is a faith-based organization with a driving passion to feed the world through children’s feeding initiatives, community outreach, and disaster response. In partnership with local churches, businesses, civic organizations, and government agencies, Convoy strategically offers help and hope to communities around the world.

GFC Young Adults

This brand-new ministry at Gateway Fellowship is one that reaches those who aren’t in community for high school graduates to those 29 years old. The heart of our church is to see everyone belong, especially those within this age range. As this ministry gets off the ground, you can help give towards their first year of reaching young adults in our community.

Local Partners: Agora | Teen Challenge | Pleasant Hills | STX Alliance for Orphans

We have partnered every year with various local ministries within the San Antonio region. These include ministries that reach people in the inner-city San Antonio, those struggling with addictions and strong holds, children’s homes for orphans, and many more. We’re honored to help these ministries serve our community by being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Kids Wiggle Room & Safety upgrades

Our heart is creating the best possible environment where everyone can experience God. We know that this can be a challenge for families with babies and infants. Currently, our “Wiggle Room” is in The Den where a livestream of the service is played on the TV; however, we want to move this room to be inside the auditorium. Our plan is to enclose a part of our auditorium where these families can sit and be in the service but still have a quiet room for any distractions. Also, as our church continues to grow, we want to help create a better environment for your children in Adventure Kids by updating our current facility’s safety measures in that area.

Foster & Adoption Fund

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Our heart is broken for the many children who do not have a home or parents to love and care for them. We know that fostering or adopting children can be costly, so we’re creating a fund to help those in our church be able to financially take care of these beloved children. We pray that finances would never be a hinderance to someone fostering or adopting a child. Our hope is to be able to come alongside families who are doing just that.

Disaster Relief Efforts

In 2023, we were able to purchase a Disaster Relief Trailer so that when crisis happens, we can send people to help those in need and deliver the Gospel to them. We can never predict when disaster will happen, but we can be ready. In this preparation, we want to stock this trailer with supplies like water, non-perishable food items, clothing, tools, a generator and other various things that could be of help to many in need. Let’s get on the offense and prepare to be the light in darkness when tragedy strikes.
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The Joy of Giving

“A kingdom builder is an individual or family who prayerfully commits to give over and above the Lord’s tithe (10% of your income that supports the day-to-day operation of the church | Malachi 3:10)  to grow the kingdom of God”

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