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What is a Small Group?

A Small Group is a group of people in homes, sporting venues, coffee shops and other settings where people come together to pray, play, read the Scriptures, have great conversations, and look for opportunities to serve one another and their community.

At Gateway Fellowship, we value deeper community and believe that the best way to experience authentic relationships is in a smaller group. We believe the Scriptures teach that the church is not a building or location, but people of God on a mission. We became a church before we had a service and a building. Things like acceptance, accountability, love, care, vulnerability, commitment, authentic friendships, prayer, learning, support and growth begin in the context of our Small Groups. They are groups of 3-14 adults that meet once a week.

This is how we nurture and grow people in Christ. A strong foundation is currently being laid for Small Groups, and as our groups continue to grow and multiply, more groups will become available to join.

Why should I be a part of a Small Group?

You can only grow so far on your own. We miss the joy of doing life and faith when not doing it together. Being on a group will help you develop lasting friendships that will encourage you and provide accountability and care. Groups celebrate wins and are there during crisis moments. You don’t even have to come to Gateway Fellowship on Sundays to be a part. Some people worry that when they come, they won’t connect, and then feel obligated. One of our core values is to try something out for a month, if it’s not the right fit, try another group.

What happens during a Small Group gathering?

All groups might look different, but the goal is to deepen your relationship with God, with others in that group and reach people who are far from God. We desire to be a church that represents Jesus to our city by caring for people’s needs.

Where do Small Groups meet?

They meet in local neighborhoods in Northwest San Antonio, Helotes, and surrounding areas. Some groups rotate homes, others go to the same house every week. You can usually find a group within 5-10 minutes from where you live. Others find a hobby they like and spend time enjoying life together (biking, fishing, golf) getting to know each other and God.

How do I try out a Small Group?

Contact us because there may be a group meeting near you soon. Another way is just to ask a friend if you can go with them to their group. You are welcome at anytime to any of the groups.

Can I start my own Small Group?

There is always a need for new leaders. We would love to get your information and talk with you about starting a group at some point. There are key times in the year when we have leadership training sessions (H300). Individuals or couples who can love and care for people will be interviewed.

Ultimately Small Groups are people who love each other and are on mission to making disciples. These groups are built on common understanding, common unselfishness, constant forgiveness and commitment to each other.

There are many trained leaders within our church who are searching for friends like you to dive into a season of discipleship. They will equip and empower you to know God and to share Christ.