Gateway Kerrville

Coming February 2019

About Gateway Kerrville

On the 3rd day of May, 2017. Oscar & Charlie Domingez said yes and launched the first Small Group in Kerrville, TX with 5 people. That night a huge burden came upon them for the city of Kerrville to help friends become devoted followers of Jesus. With in months they quickly out grew their home and moved to a barber shop. In that growth they continue to disciple & train others to be sent out as small group leaders.

Gateway Fellowship | Kerrville now has Small Groups spreading in other homes through out the city. There is a desire for this mission to grow out into other nearby hill country cities & towns. It’s inevitable we are preparing a launching team & is a Church who is mission focused. Join us as we continue the mission?

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Instagram: @gatewaykerrville
Facebook: @gatewaykerrville

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