Be Invited

Gateway Wants to Get to Know You

It’s okay not to be okay, but no one really wants to stay that way forever.
Life sometimes results in hurt, and we often make mistakes. Because of this we become not okay, but God wants to change that! Maybe you’ve never had a church home. Maybe you know about God but you’ve never really had a relationship with Him. Maybe you do have a relationship with Him but are not as connected as you want to be. We are here to say, this is really okay.

Gateway Fellowship Church continues to re-think church, striving to provide a safe place where God heals and you are free to question. We are a home where you can experience authentic relationships and a God who deeply loves you. Our church family is ethnically diverse, generationally broad and passionately missional. We know you would fit right in.
A gateway is an entry point to a new destination. Gateway Fellowship Church invites you to give God and His Church a try. Regardless of your past faith tradition, hurts or failures, we want you to experience the new destination that God has for your life. Gateway Fellowship wants to become that entry point for you, into a healing, and loving relationship with Jesus Christ. It is only through Him that we can be more than okay!
Will you join us this Sunday for one of our worship services? Can’t wait to see you there!

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